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infinite loneliness
1 January 2012

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Burning fountain
23 May 2010

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No! on infinite loneliness
همون چهارتا شاخه‌ی سبزشو عشق است

Hessam on dews after t storm
simple but creative

A.M.D on everlasting green
KHeili zibast.......torshi nakhori akkase khubi mishia!

مهدی on thanksgiving at pacific ocean beach
عکس قشنگیه واقعا، رنگش عالیه. واسه بهتر کردنش به نظر من شاید کمی ...

Hessam on thanksgiving at pacific ocean beach
...چه می کنه این عکاس

Ali Tayebi on Fall @ UTA
Thanks. looking to see yours

Mehdi on Fall @ UTA
I like it.

ali miri on Fall @ UTA
awesome....bidhtar bezar ax!

Ali Tayebi on English Breakfast Tea
Thanks Mehdi I'm waiting to see yours and your further useful comments

Mehdi on English Breakfast Tea
Nice shot. It might be more interesting if you had a little wider perspective to include some more details on the desk. ...

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